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Pet Boarding in Homewood


Leaving Homewood and need a safe and loving place for your pets to stay? 

Pet owners in Homewood bring their pets to Standifer's Animal Clinic where they have fun at the home away from home! With spacious kennels and a large outdoor play yard, boarding pets at Standifer's Animal Clinic stay active & happy! 

Cats are kept separate from boarding dogs to allow them a quieter place to relax.

All boarding pets receive TLC from our staff plus the option for bathing or grooming (additional charge).

Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

If you do need to board your pet, it is best to prepare your pet and yourself ahead of time if you can.

One of the first things you need to make sure of is that your pet is current on all required vaccinations (rabies, distemper, and Bordetella - kennel cough). 

They should also be current on their treatment for flea and tick protection. 

Pack their own individual portions of food. While we have food for your dog or cat, it is usually better for your pet to stick with their regular diet. A sudden change in diet can cause some dogs to get colitis or an upset stomach.

Why Board Your Pet at a Veterinary Hospital?

  • All medications given to your pets are supervised by our trained veterinary hospital staff.
  • If an emergency happens or a pet needs immediate medical care, our veterinarians and medical team are onsite for a quick response.
  • If your pet needs to update vaccinations before boarding, those can be done the day they arrive.
  • Your pet can also have a veterinary exam or other medical services needed performed during their stay.
  • Pet grooming available also.

Pet boarding play yard at Standifer's Animal Clinic in Homewood

Pet boarding play yard at Standifer's Animal Clinic in Homewood

If you need pet boarding in the Birmingham area, give Standifer's Animal Clinic a call at 205-871-8186.